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Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium chemical as a single electrode material, in comparison to metallic lithium employed in a non-rechargeable lithium ion battery. The electrolyte, allowing for ionic movement, and the two electrodes will be the constant constituents of a lithium-ion cell.

Lithium-ion batteries are common in consumer electronics. They're one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics, using a high energy density, no memory effect, and only a slow loss of charge when not being used. Beyond consumer electronic equipment, LIBs are growing in popularity for army, electric car and aerospace applications. [6] For example, lithium-ion batteries are becoming a frequent substitute for the lead acid batteries that have been used historically for golf carts and utility vehicles. Rather than hefty lead plates and acid electrolyte, the tendency is to utilize lightweight lithium battery packs which can provide the same voltage as lead-acid batteries, so no alteration to the vehicle's drive system is required.

Other Battery Alternatives

There is a lot of research being performed to produce the ultimate battery, but that end-all be-all in battery technology still eludes us. There have been statements that you will find far more effective choices than even the Lithium-Ion Battery: Lithium-Sulfur Battery Design.

Battery innovation is great news for the world and comes when energy is emerging as a worldwide crisis and renewable energy sources have become a true alternative. Not in the Not Too Distant Future. This marks the beginning of the transition from gas to electric power from another 10-20 years though.

Utilizing Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Cart

A significantly improved battery would also change the surface of the electrical vehicle Golf Cart marketplace. The battery is the one present drawback for most consumers when thinking about a Golf Cart. Besides a much better battery life lithium ion battery, in addition, it has a weight gain that would be more than suitable for your Golf Cart market now holding a battery that's quite light. So together, a lithium ion battery would not only weigh less and work better, but it would cost less, too.

Founded in 2008, JB Battery Technology Limited is a leading provider of standard and lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacture from China. The company prides itself on having the ability to construct lithium ion batteries for just about any application. To ensure the high quality of the products, they control every manufacturing process and their QC system has all the records of each production procedure. The high-quality of the products has allowed JB Battery Technology Limited to establish long-term stable cooperation relationships with a great number of retailers and agents around the world.

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