How and Why to Move to Portland, Oregon in 2021
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Did you know? The US Census Bureau revealed that on average, Portland gains 82 people every day, or 578 every week, or about 30,000 residents every year. The data provider also shared that the entire Portland Metropolitan area has about 2.5 million residents. Over half of the Oregon's 4.1 million residents live in the PDX Metro. This statistics illustrate that people love to stay here and also the city is attracting many to move to the city.

‘Where there is action, there is intention.’ If you take this saying into consideration then you are well aware of the fact that people are moving to Portland Oregon for a number of reasons. However, the kind of incoming number of resident is quite recent compared to previous years. Of course, Portland Oregon has emerged as the city that offers opportunities, hope and most importantly livable environment that attract most the of the inter or outer state resident to move here. Studies show that Portland is also one of the most sustainable cities in the US, making it a hotspot for people who are interested in a more sustainable future for our world. In addition to its facilities, low cost of living, than other cities in the United States of America is really attracting people across the country to choose Portland Oregon as the permanent place to live.

Perhaps, you have taken the decision to move to Portland either all by yourself or along with your family. Before you relocate to a different place, you need to consider several factors including categorizing, packing or bagging and most importantly transporting to that new place.
If you are looking forward to go for DIY packing, you can do so if you are an expert, that means, unless and until you have experience in packing and moving, it is wise to take moving company service. Luckily, Portland moving companies are best known for their services as well as a wide range of services at an affordable price.

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, you should consider taking moving company services because they are well-aware of the condition and remain updated about the situation of every corner of the city. In addition, Portland moving companies also offer services such as categorizing, packing, stuffing, transporting, unloading and other relevant services with the view to making your moving experience more smooth and fun.

However, here are some tips for you if you want to take transportation service only from the moving companies:
• Before you initiate your packing, get rid of all the unnecessary stuff. As a result, you will have less things to pack, you will save time, and if you get rid of big stuff, you will save lots of money when hiring movers.
• Pack your things by category, not room. It is suggested that you pack your items according to category instead of by room, because your lifestyle will most likely change when moving here.
• Change your address a week before moving; hence, you will get all your mails to the up dated address.

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