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The Design Icon
We’re a Singapore based creative agency working cohesively with our clients to create and deliver meaningful experiences, products and services.

Translating Ideas Into Reality.

The Design Icon is a global innovative firm that works with Small Medium Enterprise, SME as well as Multinational Corporation, MNC to provide original holistic creativity to achieve sustainable business. Based in Singapore but we are reaching out globally working cohesively with our clients to create and deliver meaningful experiences, products and services.

Our multidisciplinary creative processes enable us to reveal valuable consumer and market insights from different perspective presenting our clients with the finest solutions. With an integrated team of diversified disciplines, we are fanatical to deliver a holistic experience that encompasses various technologies, platforms and methodologies helping our clients staying ahead in their respective industry and carving a niche for them.

Up till date, we had worked across a broad spectrum of industries which include, media, advertising, government agencies, consumer electronics, cosmetics, sports institutions, building & construction, exhibitions, events, food & beverages, and fashion industry.

Strategic Design, Branding & Marketing

Moving beyond the existing paradigm to provide holistic and integrated creative business solutions to embed creativity & design across a broad spectrum of industries.

We visualise our development from different perspectives to formulate our unique methodology to move ahead in the industry with our clients.

Singapore, Thailand & China

General Information

Our Studios:

Branding & Marketing Studio
B&M Studio provides 360-degree perspectives with in depth insights of the market to formulate branding and marketing strategies for online and offline campaigns. Our unique approach helps clients create value in their products, services and experiences that people love.

Creative Studio
TDI Creative Studio uses creativity and communication design to connect industries, brands, products, services, experiences and people together. This creates limitless opportunities to establish meaningful relationships and sending messages across different mediums.

Industrial Design Studio
TDI Industrial Design Studio offers creative solutions to physical and digital products. We design and engineer real world products that create user experience which connects emotion from first touch to deliver their strategic objective.