What To Do While Movers Are Moving
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One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is that you get your moving done without lifting a finger during the move. All the carrying, loading, unloading, and moving your stuff into your new place is done by the mover. But before and during the actual moving, there are lots of things you should do.

What to Do Before the Movers’ Arrival
Preparing for your moving must have started long before the moving day. The preparation usually starts at least one month before the actual moving. So, before the movers arrive, here are a few things you need to do.

a. Finish Packing
Do not wait until the movers arrive to start packing your belongings unless you hire the moving company to pack your belongings. Pack your clothes, books, dishes, and put them in sturdy boxes for easy carriage. Also, remove your beddings and fold the sheets, blankets, and pillowcases to enable movers to load the mattress.

b. Unplug Electronics
Keep in mind to also unplug your electronics, disassemble your PC and other appliances before movers arrive.

c. Label Boxes
It is important that you label each box according to the items packed inside it. Label the box containing fragile items as ‘FRAGILE’ to allow movers to pack the boxes accordingly and avoid damaging your items.

d. Separate Items Movers Should Not Move
Moving companies are not allowed by law to move or carry perishable, flammable, and dangerous items in their trucks. Because of this, separate such items, and move them in your vehicle.

What to Do When Movers Arrive & Moving
When movers are finally in your home to help you move, here are a few things you should do.

a. Prepare Refreshments
Of course, you paid the moving company for the service. You should, however, offer refreshment to the movers because of the difficult task being undertaken on your behalf. You can offer them water, snacks, and coffee. This will help them refuel after carrying and loading heavy items in the truck.

b. Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Way
The chances are that your kids and pets will get in the way of movers as your belongings are being moved. To prevent disturbance from kids and pets, keep your kids entertained in one of the rooms and pets in their pens.

c. Tick Checklist
You must have created a checklist of items to move. So, when movers are carrying the items, tick the checklist one after the other. Keep the checklist as you will need it when unloading the belongings in your space.

Ensure to follow the tips above to have a pleasant experience and also, assist the movers to serve you satisfactorily.

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