Money or Gifts?
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There is no doubt about it—women are attracted to generous men, and repelled by cheap men.


Because that’s how women evolved.

Back in the caveman days, if a woman paired up with a man who would share his resources (what he found and killed), she would survive and produce offspring who would be cared for.

If she did not, or if she paired up with a man who refused to share his resources, odds are she died, and did not produce any offspring, or if she did, they perished too.

So, over the years, women have evolved, generation after generation, to be attracted to men who are generous, and repelled by men who are cheap.

Now, you must understand there is a huge difference between a generous man and a chump. A chump tries to buy a woman’s favors with gifts, a generous man knows how and when to give a gift or pay for expenses for a woman who’s already attracted to him by his other traits (although if he suddenly turns cheap, she’s gone).

Also, being generous does not mean pouring money into a woman—it simply means you take care of dinner, and, on occasion, buy her gifts that are meaningful to her. They do not have to be expensive, and in fact, how much you spent on a gift has little corollary to how much she likes it.

And that brings us to a rather unusual topic today—if women like a generous man, why not just give her money and tell her to buy her own gifts? The result is the same, right?

Well, no. You see, when you buy a woman a gift that you know she will uniquely like, whether it is a bottle of wine, a book, a piece of jewelry, or something else representative of her, you are elevating her above other women, showing her you like her for her (not just her looks), and that you pay attention to her.

In other words you are expressing appreciation, something all women crave, but will never explicitly express. Some guys moan that women expect them to read their minds, but this is nonsense. If you pay attention to the woman in your life, if you listen to her, if you get to know her, you’ll know how to be generous to her in a way that lets her know you appreciate her in a way other men can’t.

On the flip side, the man who buys a woman gifts or flowers to appease her or because he feels like it’s his duty is a man in danger of being dumped. The key to generosity is your intent behind it, and believe me, women can sense your intent.

Your intent should always be to show appreciation for her, to let her know you understand more than any other guy out there. Get your intent right, and you’ll be known as a generous attractive man, standing out amidst all the chumps and cheapskates who repel women.

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