Latent Spaces
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LATENT SPACES adopt idle spaces in Singapore and reinvent them as platforms for experimental art and social entrepreneurship.

Temporarily situated at the historical Haw Par Villa theme park until October 2014, LATENT SPACES will curate a series of four art exhibitions examining the relationship of human societies to objects. With its collection of large-sculptural exhibits, Haw Par Villa is a place with enduring material presence rich for analysis. With these investigations, LATENT SPACES hopes to encourage thinking about objects, to understand their fundamental role in influencing us and the physical world that we live in.

Not only serving as a fodder for contemporary art, Haw Par Villa’s rich history will be made further accessible to the public through guided tours and art workshops tailored to families and young adults. Additionally, by adopting an open-source curatorial approach, LATENT SPACES will also appropriate existing projects by other interested parties as part of our program.

LATENT SPACES at Haw Par Villa is proudly supported by National Arts Council, Singapore Tourism Board and Tote Board Arts Grant.