Kaç Çeşit Hasta Yatağı Mevcuttur?
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The market for professional kitchen equipment is huge. Globally, it will be around $ 112 billion by 2025. So, big restaurants need the best equipment to be able to thrive, which is why they allocate a colossal budget in the purchase of food equipment. cooked. While it can store, prepare and sell food, it can also dictate the success of your restaurant.

If you are looking to buy professional kitchen appliances for your restaurant, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you a list of all the necessary equipment.

Essential equipment for your professional kitchen

If you are looking to open a restaurant , purchasing equipment is one of the first things you will need to do. With this material, you can serve just about any type of cuisine.

The refrigerated cabinet

In order to keep your food fresh for as long as possible, it is essential that you purchase a top quality refrigerated cabinet. It will prevent your ingredients from going bad, which will increase their shelf life and save you money. That is why it is one of the most important pieces of professional kitchen equipment as mush as the kitchen gear pro in any kitchen.

When thinking about what type of refrigerator to buy for your restaurant, think about the size and capacity you will need. A restaurant that can seat a hundred people will have many more needs than a small cafe.

Also take a look at the various features available. Ideally, you should look at reach-in type refrigerators, as these will be the most convenient for your staff. However, you may need a walk-in cooler if your establishment is particularly large.
You may also need prep refrigerators, which have counters mounted on them, or merchandise refrigerators for customers to use.

Ice machine

A restaurant is not complete without an ice machine. How else to serve cold drinks on a large scale? These machines are constantly creating ice, ready to be used and served by your staff at any time. It can be dispensed into an ice cream bin or directly into a soda fountain.
You can also use these machines to create cocktails and prepared drinks like margaritas or smoothies with the carrot juice with the juicer for carrots.

Countertops and cutting surfaces

They are essential in all professional kitchens. Much like refrigerators and freezers, their size depends on the extent of your activities in the kitchen. When choosing, make sure that the counters are stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong enough to resist corrosion, attack from food and meat juices, and harsh cleaning products commonly used in the kitchen. But remember, there is always a good way to clean alloys to make sure that any cuts on the surface don't hide bacteria. Even if you are using stainless steel, you will need to clean it properly, at least with just water every night while shutting down, and invest in its maintenance.

The oven

Every restaurant needs an oven. However, there are a lot of different types to choose from. First, there are conventional ovens and those with convection. Then there are also the pizza ovens. These can be brick kilns, conveyor kilns and deck kilns. The type of oven you need depends on the type of food you want to serve and how fast you want to prepare it.

The fryer

Do you serve fries, tempura, calamari, mozzarella sticks, churros? If so, you will need a deep fryer. When looking for your gear, take note of the capacity and temperature range you need. Next, consider the individual features of each model, their suitability for your kitchen, and their ease of maintenance. You maybe interested in the best blendtec blender

The bain-marie

The bain-marie is also a piece of equipment that will save you a lot of time, especially thanks to its versatility. It will allow you to cook, bain-marie (chocolate, butter, etc.), keep warm and many other things. Easy to use, it can also be used in various types of cuisine and restaurants: classic catering, catering, collective catering, etc.