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PUBG How to Earn More Battle Points BP Every Game
For those venturing out into the dangerous and chaotic world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) your main goal will be trying to stay alive. However, as you progress through a match of PUBG, you’ll begin to earn Battle Points (BP). This is the currency of PUBG and is used to either change the appearance of your character or purchase loot crates for cosmetics. Currently there are three ways to earn Battle Points in PUBG, all of which correspond to how well you perform in-game. The criteria for earning Battle Points is as followed:

Kills (How many players to kill)
Rank (How long you survived in a match)
Hits (How much damage you inflicted)
You will also earn 800 BP if you win a solo game, 400 for a Duo game, and 200 for a squad of four. When playing, you’ll want to decide if you’re going to go for kills or time, because sometimes these don’t always meet. It’s possible for someone to spend most of the match in a farmhouse out in the country and still reach at least the lower thirties. In contrast, players can also drop into high traffic areas like the school, hospital, or military base to try and rack up those kills.

If you are simply looking to farm BPs, then killing people is probably your best bet. Given some matches can take ages, being able to drop into a location, kill three or four people, and dying can prove more lucrative. You’ll want to make sure to go where there will be a lot of traffic early on, so aim for one of the biggest cities that the plane passes by and go there. If you do manage to survive after killing a number of people, try to at least make it to the top 25 so you earn even more BP.

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