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Dr Ivan is a Property Investor, Speaker, Entrepreneur and a practising Doctor. In his first two years of property investment journey, he managed to accumulate 18 properties worth more than Five Milions!!!

Dr Ivan has managed to unlock the untold secrets in property investment and based on his experience, he has formulated a SIMPLE, POWERFUL and PROVEN strategy which is easily applicable for all.

Dr Ivan has managed to build a property empire by using this SIMPLE, POWERFUL and PROVEN strategy OVER and OVER again! Not only that, he has assisted, guided and coached a lot of property investors, especially beginners to secure Grade A properties OVER and OVER again.

As an aspiring doctor, not only has he save many lives of patients but also help many investors to grow their wealth in properties.

Now he is helping and sharing his SIMPLE, POWERFUL and PROVEN strategy in property investment, with a great vision to inspire and empower more and more people in achieving greater results in their life through property investment.