PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Battle Points (BP) and Rewards
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Battle Points (BP) are in-game currency awarded for winning.

The following factors influence the amount of BP obtained: Rank (placement during the end of the round), Kills (total kill count), and Hits (damage dealt). Thus, a player who plans to maximize BP for each round must first deal as much damage as he can, and second survive for as long as he can. Ultimately, one’s performance in battle determines how many Battle Points he will earn.

Regardless of which mode you choose, you are guaranteed 20 BP for each kill.

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The following are the Rewards for each game type and excludes points from Kills and Hits.

Solo Play Rewards
By netting your Chicken Dinner during Solo Play, you will obtain a whopping 800 BP. This is more than enough to exchange for your first Crate.

Duo Play Rewards
For demonstrating great synergy with your partner, reaching first place in Duo Play will grant 400 BP.

By accumulating multiple Battle Points, players can freely exchange these for Crates. Contained inside crates are various Costumes. These are purely aesthetic and do not offer any boosts apart from concealing one’s position when hidden in similar textured environments. Unlike Equipments, these do not add to the player’s Defense.

Reward Crate prices vary depending on when they are purchased. The first crate starts at 700 BP, with the second crate doubling in price. From the third up to where its value caps (Sixth), the value can be summarized as the value of the preceding crate +1400 BP. Once the week rolls over, the value returns to 700 BP. In PUBG, the weekly reset happens on Sundays.

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