Fortnite - How to Get More V-Bucks
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Want to get more V-Bucks? Here’s every way that you can earn more through the game.
The easiest way to get V-bucks in Fortnite is to simply login to the game each day. Every day that you login you’ll receive a daily reward, and each day you’ll have a chance for that daily reward to come out as V-bucks. On top of logging into the game, you can also complete daily and weekly quests which will grant you different rewards like Survivors, Heroes, Schematics, and also V-bucks. You’ll often find at least one quest a day that you can complete for V-bucks, so make sure you’re doing those. Quests can be found in both the Save the World and the Battle Royale game modes, making it easy to earn V-bucks in both versions of the game that are currently available

Want to get more V-Bucks? Here’s every way that you can earn more
Another way to earn V-bucks requires you to add your Heroes, Survivors, Schematics, and even Weapons and other things to the Collection Book. This will, however, permanently use up those Heroes and other collectibles, so keep that in mind when you do this. Doing this will grant you experience for your Collection Book, and once you’ve collected enough you will level it up and earn a reward. You’re not always guaranteed to get V-bucks, but there is a good chance that you’ll receive that as your reward. In battle royale you can also level up your Battle Pass, which can be purchased for each season that the battle royale mode has. You will receive different things like characters, emotes, and V-bucks for reaching those goals, and you can check the actual goals themselves and the rewards that they offer at any time from the menu in battle royale.

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