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Gem guide & Easily Accessible decks
Currently there are 10 main boxes (200 packs/box), 10 mini boxes (80 packs/box) and 5 structure decks available in the game, which could seem pretty overwhelming when you first start out. If you feel kind of lost this guide might help you get a sense of direction on what to go for first.

The most important question you first have to ask yourself is what do you want to play. In the end it’s just a game and you should try to get the most enjoyment out of it. If you enjoy being competitive then you should focus on making one of the meta deck first. If you enjoy the nostalgia this game has to offer and just want to play with your favorite cards like Dark Magician of Chaos there is nothing wrong with that. Just look through ea ch of the boxes for the cards that you loved when playing with friends or in the TCG and go for them.

If you’ve never played Yu-Gi-Oh! before or don’t have any preference for certain cards or decks, but want to enjoy the PvP aspect this game has to offer you should first check out what decks are relevant in the meta.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is in a great state right now because there are countless decks that are relevant in the META and able to hit KoG (King of Games, the highest rank on the PvP ladder).

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