Creative Art Therapy Malaysia @ Klang Valley
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Creative Art Therapy Malaysia is established in 2010 and actively organising art workshops and long-term classes. We provide a platform especially to the children with emotional problems to express their unspoken feelings (anger, sadness, disappointment) through art. This family activity is for the parents to spent their quality time to accompany and to learn along "TOGETHER WITH THEIR CHILDREN". Our objective is to promote parent-child interaction and family bonding to ensure healthy physical and mental development in children.

Benefits of attending our courses 課程的好處:
~to relax mind 放松心灵
~to be more focus 增加注意力
~to be more patience 更具耐心
~ to build art sense 建立艺术感

Background of instructor 导师背景:
潘老师 Teacher Queenie Puah (BA, UK)
*BA (Hons) in Digital Media Design
*Graduated from Liverpool John Moores University, UK in 2012
*Attended workshop by certified art therapy instuctor CZT#18
*Currently teaching at Da Vinci Creative Kids, Cheras branch
*10 yrs of teaching experience in Child & Art Education
*fine art background in crayon & water colour for 20 years

Our lesson overview 創意藝術治療課程:
➢Lesson 01: French artist Georges Seurat-Scenery of Pointillism ® 風景點彩畫點彩畫
➢Lesson 02: USA artists Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts- Polyptych of Zentangle ® 多聯畫格禪繞畫
​➢Lesson 03: Spanish artist Pablo Picasso-Self Portrait of Cubism ® 畢卡索自畫像
➢Lesson 04: Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci- Pop Art of Mona Lisa ® 蒙娜麗莎流行藝術
➢Lesson 05: Ink-tangle® 墨禪

Our 2018 workshops schedule:
17/3 & 7/4/18: 第七届 《一起学绘画治疗吧!》- 小孩的救星!!@ Occasions, Petaling Jaya
20/1/18: 第六届【墨禪與烏克麗麗陪你迎新年】CNY Ink-tangle Art & Ukulele Music Workshop @ Mahkota Cheras

Our 2017 workshops schedule:
17/12/17: 第五届【卡卡藝術市集 Kaka Arts Market @ December 2017】@ Shaw Parade, G Floor
9/12/17: 第四届【RSVP Christmas Zentangle Party 教你一次学会禅绕画 】@ Mahkota Cheras
26/11/17 : 第三届【School holidays series】 Art & Craft Workshop At Commune】@ Sunway Velocity Mall
30/9 ~ 28/10/17: 第二届《一起学绘画治疗吧!》- 小孩的救星!!@ Mahkota Cheras
16/8/17: 第一届《一起学绘画治疗吧!》- 小孩的救星!!@ Hatch Damansara

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