eVoco Voice Collective
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Comprising community ensemble singers of the highest musical, technical, and expressive abilities, the eVoco Voice Collective firmly believes in the transformative power of music. Our mission is to invite both singers and listeners into extraordinary choral experiences, summoning the power of the empathetic imagination to remind us of our shared human experiences. As such, we aspire to be passionate advocates for excellence in the choral art by presenting inspirational performances of the highest caliber, inviting our audiences to join us in community singing events, and opening our rehearsal process to educational institutions throughout our community. All of our rehearsals are open to the public, and we welcome visitors to observe our work together. Fellow singers, teachers and all students of music, especially, are encouraged to join us throughout the process. Our hope is that our weekly work together will not only prepare us for each concert series, but also–and just as importantly–will serve as a continual learning space for students, educators, and music enthusiasts alike.