How to choose a variety of eye-shaped 3D Mink lashes?
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How to choose a variety of eye-shaped 3D Mink lashes?
Double eyelid - cotton thread 3D Mink lashes.In fact, really eyelid makeup is not critical, makeup is also very easy. More recommended to choose cotton 3D Mink lashes, cotton 3D Mink lashes stem is not easy to tilt, wear it to the more invisible, do not draw eyeliner, so do not worry about eyeliner removal.
Single eyelid - transparent stems, plastic stems
Single eyelid because it will be easy double, or more thick eyelids. If you use cotton thread stalk eyes opening eyelids will pull in, so choose transparent stems, plastic stems, perhaps with no comfortable cotton, but will hold up double eyelids, as naturally formed, plus make-up such as eyeliner Tips, tend to enlarge the eyes more than doubled.

Now you know how to choose the mink lashes , so a question - where do chose the good qualtiy 3D mink Lahes ? So we introduce you to a website ######## where you can pick and choose high-quality eyelashes, high-quality eyelashes can be maintained for a long time, the use of more times, and the eyelashes will not be deformed, to maintain the natural fresh

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