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  • 2018年4月19日

    You will encounter the same problems on any road or highway. The car moves slowly in the left lane, or on the right, or turns without a s... read more You will encounter the same problems on any road or highway. The car moves slowly in the left lane, or on the right, or turns without a signal. When you finally pass, you may not be surprised to see what happens: the driver is distracted by the mobile phone. Now we need a wifi jammer cell phone. It can independently stop signal contact between cell phones and base stations. When the scrambler is enabled, the phone does not display the service status. Using a cell phone while driving is not only a stimulus, but an increasingly dangerous trend. The ministry of communications, the survey found accidents involving the distraction of all fatal car crash in France, 18% in telephone, according to a study at the university of Illinois, the phone constantly shorten the response time of the conductor. Free equipment or not. As smartphone surge, things are getting worse: recently, according to a survey of smartphone users nearly 20% of people surf the Internet while driving and texting while driving is more dangerous to make a phone call. When we open our phones, they connect to the nearest cell phone tower. When we move, the signal is sent to the next cell phone tower. When they do not transmit properly, or the towers we connect to have reached maximum capacity, we have "interrupted" the phone. When the phone is disconnected from the tower, try reconnecting immediately, which is why the signal counter is reduced to zero on the screen and reconnected immediately. The data USES the same method to switch from the phone to the tower and then to the Internet. The phone jammer works by transmitting signals that are the same as the cell phone's signal tower. Think of it as a person standing on one side of the room and talking to people on the other side of the room. A scrambler drone is like drowning a child in the middle of a conversation until they can hear the other person stop talking. The jammer is a screaming child. They kept playing the signal to interrupt the phone's contact with the tower. For this scrambler, it must be strong enough to play its signal and be "stronger" than the tower. The power of the signal jammer depends on the power of the jammer. Hand-held jammers are usually hidden devices disguised as everyday objects such as cigarette packs or books. These limited ranges, so they only compete for nearby telephones. The obvious jammer is installed and installed with a large antenna, which can interrupt the phone on a large scale. show less