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Creating your personal brand begins with first and foremost knowing yourself. Here are five actions you can take to discover the real you:

1. ) Be self-aware. Know the compelling value you provide. What are your core values, purpose, passion, abilities and goals? Know what you stand for. yeezy 350 boost v2 Edgar Schein's Career Anchors is an excellent values assessment, along with the Keirsey or Meyer's Briggs personality profile, and Campbell Interest and Skill Inventory. Your brand has to lead you to your personal and professional goals. Identify your one-year, three-year, five-year and ten-year goals in: Career, Family and Friends, Spiritual, Community, Health/Fitness, Financial, Personal Growth and Other. We need to be able to understand and communicate this exceptional combination of attributes, i. e. our unique value proposition; for it enables us to fulfill our purpose.

2. ) Ask for feedback. How do your leaders, peers, staff and customers view you (i. e. they're your "target market")? How would they describe your strengths, adidas yeezy 350v2 attributes and value to the business? Is it in sync with what you know to be true?

Your target market already has an image, perception (or misperception) about you. It may be in line with your authentic brand, and then again, you may be hauling around some extra "bags". So before you start developing your personal brand, begin by interviewing clients, business leaders, peers, media types.....What values do they associate with you? When they hear your name what comes to mind? What do they see as your strengths? How would they describe your work?

Compare and track: a. ) how you're perceived, b. ) how you want to be perceived, c. ) how you think you are perceived. The size of the gaps will tell you how womens adidas superstar hard you'll need to work your brand to reinforce or change perceptions.

3. ) Identify Your Target Audience - Your Brand Champions. Who are those individuals in a position to help you achieve your personal and career goals? Family, friends, key internal and/or external customers, staff, peers, supervisors, managers, executives, suppliers and business partners. These people need to know who we are and what we stand for, and we need to communicateadidas ultra boost to them a consistent and compelling brand presence - our unique value promise.

4. ) Know Your Competitors. Are they your colleagues? Based on your goals and career path, are they another group at your company? In another industry? What are those attributes that differentiate you from your competition? Let's ensure that our target audience, the decision makers, knows our compelling brand value.

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