Clue Scroll Overhaul
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Clue Scroll offers go back to all of us right after overhauled. Right now appear much more to understand the actual changes of Master scrolls and Hidey holes. Apart from, much more benefits you will get through Clue Scroll.

Master scrolls
Searching for new difficulties? Make Master-tier, filled with more difficult, new hints and vague Clues and reveal whatever you consist associated with. You will get all of them through finishing any kind of in order to any kind of top notch Clue scroll; additionally , in any manner you are able to falls top notch Clue Scroll will probably turn to perfect. State Leading Golf club Precious metal people obtain one professional bono can be obtained till 11th Mar.

Hidey holes
You will need with regard to emote hints within hidey gaps to save which valuable stock area through stashing the things, that you can get near to your own Clue coordinates.

The Rewards of Clue Scroll
Runescape possess supplied nonmembers which includes old Clue Scroll rewards, clearing upward a few area. Which means you will have entry to a lot more than 60 new rewards, such as:

Ice dye
Second-Age Saradomin armour
Robin Hood outfit (including the higher-level elite version)
Evening dress
New dragon masks
And much more!
Globetrotter outfit

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