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The article of the structure dedicated to the bourgeoisie solely declared that the law of the royal cities be a part of the structure, as the regulation of the free Polish nobility ensuring new, real and effectiveforcefor the security of their liberties and the integrity of widespread Fatherland.” (jako prawo wolnej szlachcie polskiej, dla bezpieczeństwa ich swobód i całości wspólnej Ojczyzny nową, prawdziwą i skuteczną dające siłę”).
All the issues mentioned are current both in the parliamentary debate and publicist papers created parallel to the legislative course of, in the type of free prints, pamphlets and on the pages of foremost periodicals. Emperor Qianlong of the Qin Dynasty also wrote a poem describing the peach blossoms in Pinggu: ‘… when the willow waves like a scene of sunshine smoke, and the peach showers in the rain …'.
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The inviolable cardinal rights (Prawa kardynalne niewzruszone, 1791) of the eighth of January, 1791 declared the Republic of Poland free and unbiased of anybody”. Undermining the existence of a free government in a rustic where some people stay in feudal captivity, Kołłątaj differentiated human freedom” from governmental freedom”, political one, 57 the latter he awarded to nobles and burghers, what might be discussed extra extensively within the following components.

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