Yokohama Paratriennale 2020 / ヨコハマ・パラトリエンナーレ 2020
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ヨコハマ・パラトリエンナーレは3年に1度開催される、 “障害者”と“多様な分野のプロフェッショナル”による現代アートの国際展です。
文化芸術活動に参加したいと思う誰もが、 健康や環境などの障壁に阻まれずに参加できる環境を整え、「障害者」と呼ばれる人々の個性や才能、斬新で自由な視点の数々を、アートやクリエイティブを介して有益な資源として社会に解き放つことで、誰もが居場所と役割を実感できる地域社会の実現を目指します。

The Yokohama Paratriennale is an international contemporary art exhibition held once every three years, born of the collaboration between individuals with disabilities and professionals from a wide range of fields. We prepare environments in which anyone who wants to participate in cultural and artistic activities may do so, unconstrained by obstacles arising from their health or surroundings. Through art and creativity, we unleash, in the form of instructive resources, a variety of innovative and independent perspectives — the unique qualities and talents of those who are called “disabled” — into society. We accordingly aim to realize a form of local community in which anyone and everyone can truly feel they have their own place and role.