Many unique uses for excel at Home
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When excel comes to our mind, we have lot of crunching and number series and database in front of our eyes. Every type of organisation uses Microsoft Excel for maintaining proper database and its analysis.

This application of Microsoft office also has many numbers of uses which you can also use in your day to day life. There are number of uses of Microsoft Excel and you can make your daily routine complex tasks so simple.

Many unique uses for excel at Home are described below:

1. Teacher: a teacher will teach all students in class by pre planning of lessons and chapters. For this, he can take help from excel and use it for creating charts, maps, seating charts, reading lists and other type. This will also show your excellent teaching skills and students will learn all things easily.

2. Journalist: Microsoft excel is one of best application for journalist who has need of collection of lot of information. Get all information related statistics from different sources and collect in excel worksheet.

3. Freelance writer: if you are working as freelance writer, then it is sure that you want to keep a record for your writing. Excel worksheet is one of best place where you can place all records with title name, word count and submission date. You may also keep record of publishing and published article. Find more info about Excel Training.

Microsoft excel is one of top rated application for financial and keeping records. You just know that how can you use it for your purpose.

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