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Now, there is more information about Giant Mimic,We will share you some details and guides, Please read carefully now.You can also buy cheapest rs3 gold on

Until February 19, you can grab a free RuneScape Mimic kill token from the Mimic Chest, You need to find the Mimic Boss , where is located in Alice's Treasure Chamber.It can be accessed via a portal in Burthorpe, northwest of the lodestone, where you can be teleported with a Mimic Kill token.

There are two basic attacks from the boss: a ranged attack where it spits out coins & a melee attack where it licks you with its tongue. And there will be a random special attack between every 3 basic attacks.

Depending on your own level,To choose a proper version of the Giant Mimic among easy, medium, hard & elite,The time to kill the boss is limited within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.Your free ticket will disappear once you’ve vanquished your boss of choice

Then, it’s down to you to earn tokens through combat - and skilling, on occasion. You’ll even be able to trade them on the Grand Exchange!

Once you defeat the Giant Mimic, you can always win some rewards:

1.scrimshaws of aggression
2.Sacrifice and corruption
3.Slayer VIP tickets
4.Mimic weapons
5.Mimic helm
6.Mimic tongue cape and so on

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