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Stage in to Burthorpe soon and the Cavern of Tainted Memories, a new cave full of Tainted Wisps expecting collection!Do not forget more up to 9% off rs gold rs3 gold for sale at

Through 00: 00 in the 7th Feb to 23: 59 in the12th, you will have the ability to the Cavern for two minutes and 30 seconds, collecting just as much tainted energy as possible inside that period. You receive one free proceed in the Cavern each day, and may win extra will go through Treasure Hunter through the entire five times.

Within the Cavern you will discover tainted wisps expecting collection. Collect energy, and create certain a person remain in the relocating eco-friendly multiplier areas with regard to improved benefits. Not searching for divination XP? Talk to Kristlin who can change the XP to mystery rewards instead.

Look out additionally with regard to stories inside the cavern -- these people keep considerable amounts of foreign currency and may become triggered from the couple of actions aside.

As soon as you have completed, make use of the tainted energy to create your self benefits, like the new purified weapons.

The new weapons are as follows:

Main and off-hand swords
2H sword
Main and off-hand Crossbows
2H Crossbow

Discover additional tainted energy while training divination from the usual wisps. Or , succeed the tool bridal party and extra energy on Treasure Hunter straight. Come back every day to get more appointments towards the Cavern and gather all of the awards!

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