Happy Valentine Week 2018 List Schedule
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The month of love and expressing is February. As it begins, the heart begins to speak on Zuban. To express their emotions in words, people especially wait for the valentine's mantra. Well Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, but before that youngsters start preparing for it. Malls and galleries are decorated, restaurants also start preparing.

Therefore celebrate -
Valentine 's Valentine's Day Valentine 's Day is celebrated in 1969, the Catholic Church confirmed the existence of eleven centrally valentines and announced the celebration of their honor on 14th February. Among these, Valentine's Valentine is considered the most important Valentine.

In the book 'Oria of Jacobus de Vorazin' compiled in 1260, the description of Saint Valentine is found. According to this, the reign of Emperor Claudius was ruled by Rome in the third century. According to that, men's strength and intelligence are lesser than marriage. He issued an injunction that no army or officer would marry. Saint Valentine protested against this cruel order.

Many soldiers and officials got married on their call. Eventually Claudius placated Saint Valentine on February 14, 269. Since then, Prem Das is celebrated in his memory. It is said that St. Valentine made an eyeball to Jacob's visually impaired daughter Jacob at the time of her death and wrote a letter to Jacobus, in which he had written 'Your Valentine'. This day was on 14th February, which was later celebrated by the name of this saint.

Valentine Week
February 7: Rose Day
9 - Chocolate Day
10 February - Teddy Day
February 11 - Promise Day
12 February - Hog Day
13 February - Kiss Day
14 February - Valentine's Day


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