Beginners Make-Up Course
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I am starting my own Beauty Academy that focuses on 3 levels of achieving makeup artistry for your own benefit and perhaps others too! If you’ve always wanted how to do what all those makeup gurus do on Instagram, this class is for you, and if you just want to learn the basics on how to contour your face, a simple Smokey eye, then yes it’d be for you too.

Things Covered in the Basics:
foundation matching
How to contour and highlight your face
How to draw a simple wing for your eye shape
Colour matching blush
Colour matching contour
Skin undertones
Different blending tools (brush, sponge etc)
How to shape your brow according to your face

Leave the class knowing more and making new friends!
The location will only be released one week before the event!
Please bring writing tools as well as whatever makeup you may have.

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