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Most systems that offer an IGP like the EG2 or GMA 9000 lack an AGP slot or a PCIe slot for a performance graphics card, so the manufacturer could save a few bucks. This absolutely dooms the entry level user that knew little about graphics at the time of their computer purchase. It wouldn't bother me so much if users could easily replace the Intel solution with a top flight graphics card, but in a lot of systems, this isn't the case.

Lail of Vero Beach, Fla., formerly of Hampton. She graduated from Menchville High School and attends Thomas Nelson Community College. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. Was considered old as a wide receiver, and so was I, said Lisa, who ran track in college. Was the running joke. It no joke what happened to Nick.

"But we feel that being the number 1 supplier of graphics solutions in the world, Intel has a responsibility to uphold to the population of our small corner of the galaxy. By providing poor support for current technology to such a wide number of people, Intel is doing more harm than good. Obviously, there is a place for the GMA900, and we wouldn't be so hard on Intel if they could at least offer a performance based integrated solution for those who actually want compatibly, performance, and a good price point with their new system.".

York County Board of Supervisors announced Tuesday night that the interim county administrator is Mark Carter who is currently the assistant county administrator. It could take the board months to hire a permanent county supervisor, said board Vice Chairman Thomas Shepperd. The board is considering whether to use a search firm to hire the right person for the job, he said.

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