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If you wish to use one-handed ranged weapons, new Leather shields OSRS are a great alternative as they are oriented toward rangers. You can see the 6 types of Leather Shields including Black dragonhide shield OSRS and others, with the items and level requirements to create each of them.Anyway, don’t forget to buy rs3 gold from Rs3gold to enjoy the most convenience!

New Leather Shields with Black dragonhide shield OSRS

Leather shields OSRS are a class of shields that are oriented toward rangers, which can be made by using various types of wooden shields with certain types of leather, while adding metal nails to complete the shield.
New Leather shields include the Hard leather shield, Snakeskin shield, Green d’hide shield, Blue d’hide shield, Red d’hide shield and Black d’hide shield (Black dragonhide shield). These shields confer high penalties for you attacking with melee or magic, while giving moderate resistance to magic attacks and a fairly low resistance for melee and ranged attacks.

How to create each kind of Leather Shields OSRS?

You can speak to the shield master in the Ranging Guild to receive a leather shields flyer, which details the materials needed to create each leather shield.
Hard leather shield: created by an oak shield with 15 bronze nails and a hammer. Level 41 Crafting is required.
Snakeskin shield: created by a willow shield with 15 iron nails and a hammer. Level 56 Crafting is required.
Green d’hide shield: created by a maple shield with 15 steel nails and a hammer. Level 62 Crafting is required.
Blue d’hide shield: created by a yew shield with 15 mithril nails and a hammer. Level 69 Crafting is required.
Red d’hide shield: created by a magic shield with 15 adamantite nails and a hammer. Level 76 Crafting is required.
Black d’hide shield: created by a redwood shield with 15 rune nails and a hammer. Level 83 Crafting is required.

Whilst Leather shields OSRS are not considered top tier, they are affordable and fill an equipment gap that currently exists for mid-level players.

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