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February is coming,old school QoL month has arrived , started with four areas of focus: PvM, Skilling, PvP, Minigames,Please note that PvM Week has started from January 31 to February 5, and most PvM Week content is ready for Feb 8. The next Skilling Week will begin on Feb 5 at the end of PvM Week.The old school team plans to spend the entirety of February dedicated to Quality of Life updates,the below is the All arrangements,let's see together.And you can buy cheap rs 3 gold on Rs3gold.com.

The schedule for Week is as follows:

Week 1 - PvM
Week 2 - Skilling
Week 3 - PvP
Week 4 - Minigames and other

Remember to share your suggestions on Old School Content Suggestions forum and Reddit.

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