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Swtor is taking the servers offline on Tuesday in order to apply Game Update 5.7a, and during this time all the servers are unavailable. The Cartel Market is also updated with new item Chaotic Force Masters Armor Set, so you can see the changes and maintenance details for Swtor Update 5.7a below.Moreover,dont forget to buy credits swtor on

Swtor Update 5.7a coming with maintenance Jan 30

Swtor Update 5.7a is performed with servers offline from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM PST (14:00 – 16:00 GMT) on Tuesday, January 30th. During this time the game and website will be unavailable, so plan your time for playing the game.
Some players have noticed that Swtor 5.7a patch notes are released on Tuesday, rather than Monday generally. It is speculated that the update is scheduled to fix something, and we still need to see the patch notes after they are available.

Changes to Swtor Cartel Market from Jan 29

Cartel Market has been changed on January 29, and here are the items & price changes:
New Item – Chaotic Force Masters Armor Set (Price: 1440 CC)
New Discounts:
Scorched Dewback (1320 CC) 40% Discount
Stronghold Luxury Decoration Bundle (1020 CC) 38% Discount
Satele Shan”s Sparring Lightsaber (250 CC) 50% Discount
Cartel Coins are used to buy items from Swtor Cartel Market. You could increase your monthly grant of complementary coins, as a subscriber you already get 500 coins or more depending on your subscription. You can also use a physical or mobile (free) security key which will add another 100 each month and also using the Friends of SWTOR program will also grant you extra coins. You can also get 160 coins by playing each of the 8 classes’ (Imp side and Republic side) initial planet

The prices in Swtor Cartel Market may change the next time, so seize the chance for items with discount that you want.

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