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After Swtor 5.7 has come in game recently, now it is confirmed on Community that Swtor Roadmap 2018 is planned to release in mid-February. In addition, we can know from producer’s words that new expansion Swtor 6.0 is also in the works, meaning Swtor Update 6.0 is coming.Meanwhile,don’t forget to enjoy our double reward points and 6% off code “CHEAPSW8” to buy swtor credits fast!

Swtor Roadmap 2018 released in mid-February

From Game Producer Keith Kanneg’s post on Community, Swtor Roadmap 2018 should be available in mid-February, as expected and will give us a direction and information about the game’s upcoming new content for the next 90 days.
It is speculated that Swtor 5.8 may be released at the end of February or middle of March, bringing the new Flashpoint and Theron’s story conclusion. Then later around late April and early May we may get Swtor 5.9 with the final 5th boss of the Gods from the Machine operation on Iokath.

Swtor 6.0: confirmed to be in the works now

Keith said he is not ready to discuss all of the summer events and beyond, but Swtor 6.0 is mentioned as a proof and confirmation that a new expansion is happening. Although he will not provide any information on what’s included in 6.0, we can speculate that Swtor 6.0 may come to the game in the middle of this year.
As we still don’t know Swtor 6.0 release date and its development information, we hope that the new expansion will be a full fledged one with some amazing content and updates.

What do you hope to see in new expansion Swtor 6.0?

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