Seeking Sustainability : Talks + Workshops + Networking in Hiroshima
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"Seeking Sustainability" Monthly Events started in October, 2019 with the aim of promoting positive successes in sustainable businesses, products, services, destinations and lifestyles in Japan and around the world.

The events are produced by Inbound Ambassador in collaboration with Jizo Hat KK and GetHiroshima and held in Hiroshima city. The aim of the event is to gather people together who are interested in reducing their impact on the environment while improving the quality of our lives and community.

The aim of the event is to enjoy discussing sustainability issues, learning about new innovation and trying new things. These events are a fun way to encourage each other to be more passionate and active about improving our communities and the planet! Please join by reserving your place and getting your tickets!

18:45 Doors open
19:00 Welcome & 5-10 min introductions from 2-3 speakers about innovative products, services, and projects.
19:30 Zero-Waste Workshop - learn how to make natural, useful, high-quality products without the usual waste while having fun. (If possible: Bring your own small reusable jars or containers to bring your creation home).
20:00 Eating (Vegan/Plant-Based Sweets & Snacks), Drinks & chatting, *Freecycle exchange (bring good quality items to give away to others at the event freely).
21:00 End of the event - let’s take a group photo

2020 Dates: 1/17/2020 + 2/21 + 3/13
...details coming soon...

*FREECYCLE: Please be prepared to take it home or donate it to the Second Street donation pile if it is not adopted at the event, thanks!*


本イベントは、広島市内で、インバウンド・アンバサダーとJizo Hat KK、GetHiroshimaが共催。環境への影響を低減させることに興味を持つ人、私達の暮らしやコミュニティの質を改善していこうとする人の集いです。


事前予約をお勧めしています! チケットを入手してくださいね。

18:45 開場


ゴミ・ゼロ・ワークショップ: ナチュラルで便利、高品質の製品を、いつものようなゴミを出さずに作る方法を楽しく学びます。(可能であれば、自分用に再利用可能な瓶や容器を持ってきてください。作成したものを入れて持って帰っていただけます。)



2020: 1/17 + 2/21 + 3/13

※フリーサイクル: イベントで引き取り手がなかったアイテムについては、リサイクルショップ「セカンド・ストリート」に寄付するか、また自宅に持って帰ってもらうことになります。ご了承ください!

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