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With update of the OSRS Mobile Development Blog ,we know some new informations about the current data and battery usages of OSRS Mobile,So, read the important details carefullly now.And you can buy cheap rs3 gold on Rs3gold.com.

1.Data usage

OSRS Mobile app size is roughly 30MB, and currently uses 103MB on average of data per hour of full gameplay.You should remember that this was in a test scenario and real world results may vary.

And you must consider that Old School RuneScape is a live MMORPG,And we just hope the data usage will be optimized through testing.

2.Battery usage

While playing OSRS mobile, your battery will drain at the rate of between 8% and 12% per hour, This relatively low rate of drain ensures even the longest commutes will be made bearable, And the data were collected by the tests done on a Samsung S8 and a Razer Phone,and the team will continue to test on other phones and relay information whenever possible.

At the same time, it’s confirmed that the first testers will be invited via the in-game box later this month.And send an invite via your in-game inbox , which will be accompanied by an official email sent to the email address which you submitted as your App/Play store account.And both of them will include the matching codes.

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