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Rework for RuneScape Treasure Trails, released in Feb or Mar,there will be many new rewards added, listed below in detail. More cheap rs3 gold for sale on

New rewards:

1. Tuxedo and Ballgown outfits

2. Robin Hood outfit

3. Ice Dye

4. Second Age equipment

5. Pyjamas

6. Globetrotter outfit

7. Flaming sword cosmetic override

Simultaneously, you can also win other rewards:

1.Yak mask and dragon mask

2.White and black hobby unicorns

In the near future, you can complete rebuilding Edgeville,but how can you complete it, I think you need to :

1. Talking to Mandalith in Edgeville bank

2. Repair broken structures

3. Tidy up burn skeleton north of the bank

4. Clean up the Fairy ring

5. Clear debris in the river lum

6. Clean up debris of the river lum

7. Fix trees around Edgeville

8. Clean up scorch marks

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