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As Swtor 5.7 release date is set on Jan 23, you’d better know something about the update in advance. New Operation boss Scyva and returning companions Andronikos, Risha & Corso are coming with Swtor 5.7, and you can read our preview with cheap swtor credits to be prepared.

New Operation boss Scyva coming with Swtor 5.7

The most important content in Swtor 5.7 is a new Operation boss – Scyva, which will be available in Story and Veteran Mode.
From the Swtor official Tweet saying “Face off against Scyva, the Mother of Sorrows... A new Operation boss coming in our next Game Update on January 23rd” and the picture, the new boss seems to be pretty crazy stuff. There are 4 modules to pass around each with a different effect which seems like a lot to handle.

Returning companions: Andronikos, Risha & Corso

Swtor Andronikos, Risha & Corso companions will return in Swtor patch 5.7 with Class-specific missions. Class-specific missions means only the Class that those Companions are originally from will be able to get them:
Swtor Risha & Corso - Smuggler only
Swtor Andronikos - Inquisitor only
Some players wonder if all the returning companions are going to be Class-specific, and the answer from EricMusco is “Many of them will be, but not all”. It depends on the story they are telling with that particular Companion returning, and they will note that for the future returns to let players know which is which.

There will also be new Cartel Market Pack and other updates in Swtor 5.7. In addition, now double reward points are offered for Swtor2credits members which can be used as cash.

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