Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan
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The Asia School of Business (ASB) is the newest MIT Sloan collaboration, supported by Bank Negara Malaysia, the Central Bank of Malaysia. The establishment of this world class graduate business school in Kuala Lumpur will offer both degree and non-degree programs to serve the needs of Malaysia, ASEAN, South Asia, China, and parts of the Middle-East and Africa. ASB’s mission is to be a global knowledge and learning center infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asian and emerging market economies.
The MBA Curriculum at Asia School of Business

MIT Sloan’s world-renowned faculty and ASB’s residential faculty will deliver an 18-month, energetic, flexible and innovative core curriculum deeply embedded in the Asian emerging economies context.

Each ASB student will build his or her own specialized path and gain real experience through multiple action learning (individual and group) projects, in collaboration with ASB Asian and Multinational corporate partners, in locations across Asia.

An exciting component of our ASB curriculum is the 4 weeks of immersion at MIT Sloan School in Cambridge, MA, USA, combined with a two-week USA trek to “go and see” American technology, manufacturing, and financial sectors..

Special attention will be dedicated to active reflection throughout the curriculum, materialized in a unique portfolio of projects that capture the entire ASB student experience.