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...the rest of everything that I am founder/president/captain of Connect, Debate, Robotics, lead prayer leader of Campus Light, receiving medals from various tournaments for Debate and Science Olympiad, an activist performer, song-writer, worship leader, Link Leader and IB student, aside to organizing annual TEDx events in my community, all means absolutely nothing if I can't make a difference. "Life has many opportunities and anyone, no matter the condition, has some available to them; it's just the matter of will and determination to actually pursue it and take full advantage of it, and those that do with little options they are given, not only unlocked their fullest potential but have made a difference in the world and their community." I am not going to post my personal resume here, it would absolutely not fit the character count. In terms of my professional bio, I would prefer sharing it through a conversation. I would love to hear your ideas worth spreading.