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Potpourri ..born in Singapore is a venture for exclusive and thematic World Fusion Music concerts as a confluence of Music Genres and Traditions , involving artists from India, Singapore and worldwide as a collaborative effort to bring music genres together on a level playing field to both popular and upcoming musicians and vocalists. The primary aim of the company is to propagate and promote music and musicians who deserve recognition for their immense contribution to music; a form of art which is a privilege of select few.
Potpourri Concerts are about challenging the traditional format of playing an instrument as in a specific genre .. to Experiment with playing the same instrument in a non-traditional style and genre. The Concerts of Potpourri are not Music Events .. but Experiential and Experimental Music Listening and Appreciation Sessions.
Potpourri holds its Mission to Appreciate the Musicians,their Instruments, their Genres yet create a new tradition of Fusing these genres to birth something new that has never been done before..
Potpourri envisages to be a "Fusion Music Culture" having an Audience and a Tribe of its own.. The Potpourri Tribe..