Your guests will be in and out of your home
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Your guests will be in and out of your home, throughout the wedding day. So, it is necessary that your house is presentable. This takes time. So plan ahead to take care of any paint jobs, cleaning or repairs, so you are prepared to welcome your guests into your home on your big day.

Backyard weddings are usually done in spring and summer. If you live in an area that is prone to showers, make sure you have a Plan B for such a scenario. Will you have tents put up in any case, or can your house accommodate all the guests, should it rain? Similarly, if the temperature rises too high, do you have fans in the tents?

The last thing you want is your guests complaining of insects crawling over them. Unfortunately, this is a possibility, when you plan your wedding outdoors. Get set for it, by buying bug spray and clearing the area of any potential infestation sites.

It is unlikely that the loos in your house will cater to the needs of all the guests at your party. You do not want them your guests to uncomfortably wait in line, all day. Make arrangements for portable toilets. Similarly, rent a generator and make sure your water tanks are full.

Before you go about planning the wedding at home, check if it is alright to do so. If you need permits or there are space restrictions in your locality, make sure these are taken care of. Also, inform your neighbors of the event. Nice neighbors may even lend their parking space, or offer help.

You will need extra hands to get things done on time. The same goes for cleaning up after the wedding. So, plan accordingly and get your help on time. You don’t want to be over-stressed and running around in the chaos, while you should actually be relaxing and enjoying the experience.

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