Life Skills Course - Role Models moulding the future of so many children and our goal is to reach 1 million children around the globe!
By Rosie Oliveira Follow | Public

Role Models is an organisation from the UK that runs life skills courses. Our courses teach the skills that children need to thrive in the world today. We all know that people who communicate well, contribute brilliantly to teams and can bounce back from disappointment lead rich and fulfilling lives. Employers are crying out for these skills today. The Partnership for 21st Century Learning is a framework designed to help children become life and job ready. They have helped us develop a programme of courses that teach children all of these important skills and more.

Our ‘Learning to Fly’ courses are designed to help children develop the 4Cs – creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. We also teach and develop other essential character attributes such as leadership, resilience and growth mindset. We believe that talking and thinking should be given as much weight as reading and writing in any child’s development and our courses are designed to support that belief.