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The Yavin site is basically a reskin of the Mapleland Civil War, with the same three-point capture mechanism. The difference is the landscape, cross-sectarian and acceleration mechanisms that can reverse the tide.By the way,you can share the cheapest swtor gold on
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The central area is very similar to Alderaan Civil War’s center. You got an objective that you need to click to capture (takes 8s normally) and doing so will focus the turret on the enemy’s ship. Unlike Alderaaan, however, the objective you need to click is only on one side (it is a small panel). Also like Alderaan there is an upper ramp section that allow you quick access to the turrets on either sides and plenty of cover to LOS.


Underneath the arena is an alleyway exactly like the Alderaan, which allows you to quickly reach the other side, but it has a very important mechanism. Inside the tunnel is a yellow pickup. This picks you a 1 minute 15 seconds buff, which is very powerful. It shortens the time it takes to capture the turret from 8s to 4s. This makes it easy for a single player to maintain a turret as an enemy player BUFF, and you can attack the turret you are guarding in 4 seconds. Picking also has a short rebirth time so it can be used often.By the way , you guys can go to gamereasy to buy some cheap swtor credits.

It is very important to focus the player carrying the pickup as they can quickly capture or recapture a turret if not watched.


The two ends of the map houses the tree and statue sides. One end has two rows of statues while the other side has trees instead of statues. One team will have an easier access to one end and need to go through the center to reach the other end much like Alderaan Civil War.


Each turret you capture will deplete enemy team’s score by 2 every tick. If you have two turrets, the scoring will tick down twice as fast. Each side starts with 600 score and once that score goes down to 0, the match ends. Since this is a cross-faction map, one team is purple and the other team is yellow.

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