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A guide to Life Day 2017 and Sixth Year Anniversary running from Dec 12 to Jan 16 2018.The vendor for this can be found on the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet.And dont miss to share the cheapest swtor credits on Swtor2credits.

Getting Started

Head to Galactic Trade Market Section of the fleet and look for a Master of Ceremonies NPC near the GTN. The vendor is identical to the 2016 version.

Snow-Covered Parcels are the main currency used in this event. You get them randomly by throwing the Life Day Snowball Bomb at other players/NPC/companions with a 15% chance to receive parcels. Despite what the description for the snowball bomb says, you can get parcels from other players/companions/npcs even if they have the debuff from getting hit by a snowball (you can also click off the debuff manually). However, if this debuff was applied by you then you won’t get any parcels out of it.

The first time you get a snow-covered parcel you will get a popup window and an achievement. From here on you will see a yellow text on your screen everytime you recover a parcel.You get 20 CXP for every successful snowball throw?so this can be a good way to farm CXP.

Snow-Covered Parcels are tradeable but the ones brought do not count towards the achievement

Overheated Life Day Droid

Around Coruscant Senate, Dromund Kaas City Memorial place, and Nar Shaddaa promenade (both upper and lower) you will find Life Day Droids that you can throw your snowball bombs. They will give you the parcel and disappear after a while. They have a chance to respawn as a rarer version called?Overheated Life Day Droid. This guy has the chance to drop decorations and you can pick 1 out of 4 colored Life Day Holo Trees.

Apparently you can still get decorations even if other players have used snowballs on him so just keep spamming your snowballs on it for decorations until he disappears. The more players the better since they will need to overwrite your own snowball debuff for you to keep getting stuff from it.
The normal Life Day Droids only give parcels with 15% chance but these overheated droids have an additional 15% to give you decorations
Life Day droids stay around for 5 minutes and then respawn ~4 minutes later as either the normal or the Overheated version
Overheated droids will appear as red enemy when they first spawn but?do not attack them. The first throw of the snowball will turn them green.
This same droid is also responsible for the Holiday Hero achievement below. However the achievement is buggy and you may need to get several decorations from the droid for it to trigger.

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