Siao Char Bors Comedy
By Stephanie Dogfoot Follow | Public

/siah-u tsa bo/
1. A crazy, loud or unreasonable woman
2. Folks who don't obey society's rules

SIAO CHAR BORS is a comedy with a difference. We are a night for people who are not afraid to be themselves: Weirdos, Queerdos, women who have been told that they've been too opinionated, anyone who has ever felt like they don't quite fit in and generally awesome people.

We aim to be a platform to highlight acts whose voices don't often get heard in mainstream entertainment, particularly those who are female and LGBTQ+. We welcome all kinds of performance, including stand up comedy, music, storytelling, spoken word, improv, drag, interpretative dance, performance art and mime, as long as it makes us laugh.