Gaylie the Yogi
By Gayle Marilyn Nerva Follow | Public

Acting by day on Channel 5’s TV drama Tanglin, Gayle began practicing yoga religiously during a time when she was feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled. Uninspired, she seemed to always have low energy and not want to go out or see anyone or do anything.
Introducing yoga to her life really lifted her spirits, and helped her to be more loving, patient and forgiving - with herself and those around her. Her yoga practice has not only helped her with her physical strength and flexibility, but also reminded her to keep a healthy body image.
Gayle loves meeting new people and enjoys sharing her love of Yoga and life with anyone interested. Her fun and charasmatic personality would put anyone at ease, making them feel safe and welcomed. Her soothing tone of voice would leave you feeling calm, centered and peaceful. Gayle is a firm believer of always practicing gratitude, and always sharing love and happiness wherever we go and with whomever we meet. She is a 200Hr Hatha Vinyasa Registered Yoga Teacher.

Fun facts:

“Gaylie” is what her mom and dad would call her as a baby.

Favorite yoga pose - Child’s pose
Signature yoga pose - Wheel (Chakrasana)

Favorite hobbies include, eating chocolate and chips, netflixing, and cooking meals with her bubba (husband)

instagram: @gaylenerva