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Innovation Garage is a company that truly prides in its vision to Empower the Next Generation of Innovators.

We believe in the power of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) where we teach kids and adults Electronics and Robotics to turn Ideas into a Reality.

We believe that we can be the platform where people can use their skills to build their very own innovations that make life meaningful for the people that uses their products.

Working with Organisations like Singapore Science Centre and Mendaki Sense we want to create electronic kits and curriculum to make it easier for people to learn and develop their products in a process from bringing their Idea to Reality.

We are expanding into developing products for kids with Visual and Hearing Impaired difficulties so that they can be part of this amazing learning Journey of Innovation.

We are going into the field of Internet of Things (IOT) to make it affordable for students to learn how to create projects using the power of the Internet.

Come Join us and be part of Innovation Garage’s Revolution to create educational products to change the World.