All about Blockchain & Cryptos with Mohit Mamoria
By Ketki Vadhani Sen Follow | Public

Mohit Mamoria is coming to Singapore - so come join in a session with him. Mohit is a thought leader in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and has been programming as well for the last 15 years. He mined his first bitcoins in the year 2011 and has been bullish on blockchain ever since. He is a serial entrepreneur, who built his first company at age 18, and is currently building his third as the co-founder and CEO of a crypto hedge fund called "Authorito Capital". Besides that, he is a TEDx speaker and actively contributes his thoughts and knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies to some of the largest publications on the planet including TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, CoinTelegraph, LinkedIn Pulse, FactorDaily, Hackernoon, YourStory. His content gets shared by the biggest of VCs, influencers, and publications like New York Times and CoinDesk.

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