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The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post. Never forget to buy neverwinter astral diamonds to join Community Watch Here’s what happened during?the last?week:

SteelSeries Gift-a-thon!
Random FAQ or discussion threads:
Do Mod 12 rings work on companions?
Hawaii and Belgium loot box ban!!!
Explanation of threat
Black Friday Events 2016 vs 2017
Is there a way to stop the neverending barrage of notifications about people opening lockboxes? Super annoying.AFKers abusers, remove penalty please
In-depth Neverwinter Review From A New Player Perspective
How is this game doing overall financially?
How broken is the game at this point?
Future of NW Lockbox System
Has the defense cap been raised above 80%?
Campaign tokens, are they worth it??
Builds and class related:
Mod 12b Spellstorm CW Build – by Sacramentum & Sharpedge by Mystik
Optimizing AoE DPS for PVE
Is playing DC fun?
DC empowered bts and ff
DO secondary build (More offensive loadout) by Czar Jarek
PALADIN – Half-Elf or Human?
Relatively new OP with question about weapons
PavlosT Scourge Warlock PVP Build for Mod 12b
Neverwinter – Warlock – Build/Guide – Mod 12 (Loadouts) by Garlaanx
Neverwinter : 118 x Lockbox of the Lost opening by SpartanDee Rush
Neverwinter – Free Bag of Holding ( Limited time! ) by Ace_ killa_q
Neverwinter Podcast Vol. 1 Potential new class, Mod12b for console and more by JayAgeDee
Neverwinter Podcast EP#1 | Bard vs Druid, 2 DC Meta, Developer Suggestions, Refinement Changes+ More by Nova IIDBZII
Top 5 Armor Enchantments Paladin Tank – Neverwinter by Awesome Gaming Network
(PS4) Neverwinter Will Mod 12B Hurt The Console Community? by THEGRAVEDIGGER02
Healing indirectly by?GamingSF
Cheap Artifact Gear For Everyone! by Neverwinter Thoughts
She Looked LVL 18 is Recruiting on PC!
Battle Born (PS4, GH14) is recruiting
The Neverwinter Nine Guild & Alliance Recruitment on PS4
Guild Recruitment (Ravenford on PC)
Stormlight GH 15 recruiting on Xbox
League of Legend GH18 is Recruiting Active 70s on Xbox!
Medieval Militia GH15 Recruiting on PS4

Fan art:
Everybody loves breyers part 2 [3:49]
Scourge Warlock
Hawchang updated countless power and class pages.


New rp event + a cap really??
Bonus Refinement Points Event! – Details are wrong
Bonus RP Event Feedback
Carpet of Flying bug?
Combat Advantage via positioning broken
[PC – BUG] New bug on last boss of TONG


Hows consoles x2 RP going?
PS4 Free 12-slot bag….huh?

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