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There is also a gold coin in the game, but it seems that the use is not widespread, Numulite appears in the fossil island, this article is mainly to introduce Numulite and its use,more runescape 2007 gold

Numulites are a type of foreign currency utilized on Fossil Island. They may be extracted from performing almost anything upon Fossil Tropical isle, for example cutting up sulliusceps, monitoring herbiboars, utilizing a trowel within the soil eastern from the Art gallery Camping, and starting boxes and clams within the Mermaid's domain name. They are able to additionally become acquired through investing fossils using the Fossil Enthusiast.


1. Having to pay Mernia to maintain large seaweed areas marine.
2. Having to pay Ceto in order to the actual seafood shoal region marine
3. Getting the actual historic wyvern protect
4. Getting into the actual Volcanic My own
5. Providing in order to Falo the Bard for any Learn Idea stage.
6. In the home within the Slope, to the north from the Art gallery Camping, you will find big rock boxes which may be revealed to you along with one hundred numulites for any possibility of getting numerous information which fill the actual webpages from the Fossil tropical isle notice guide. Be cautious, because boxes can harm the gamer.

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