Vaccination And Bullet Scars Tatoo
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Ben Corday ran a little tattoo shop in Louisiana back in 1922 and was interviewed for a newspaper about his unusual trade. His insight into who got tattoos and what designs they got proves that very little has changed in the tattoo world. For example, couples would get initials tattooed on their ring fingers. Sailors were often customers and liked to get pretty girls or patriotic tattoos on their arms.Sometimes, the artist was asked to do cosmetic work and would replace a scarred eyebrow with a tattooed one instead. Corday would beautify scars, hiding them under a feminine tattoo. Acer Laptop Support

Vaccination scars were a big issue with women in the 1920s, and the artist stated that he would fix the vaccination marks with a tiny flower or butterfly tattoo.One tattoo trend that was unique to the times was the laurel wreath. Soldiers who returned from wars with bullet scars would get a laurel wreath around the wound to show victory over death.Canon Printer Support