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On behalf of our editors we would like to congratulate you for your excellent article. We are fascinated by you research work. This kind of significant article will help the people over the world to accomplish their research.

We would like to publish your novel work through our Journal. The Journal of cancer clinical trials welcomes all submissions of scientific manuscripts for our upcoming issue. We are aiming to highlight some of the recent highlights in the field of cancer through this issue. All empirical and theoretical studies based on the clinical and laboratory aspects of Cancer are preferred.

Possible publications in our Journal:

• Implications of Cancer Genomics
• Cancer and Aging Research
• Clinical Trials in Oncology
• Recent developments in tumor therapy
• The Drug Development and Approval Process in cancer trials
• Ethical Aspects of Cancer Clinical Trials
• New Clinical Trials in Various cancer types

Submissions to editorial office can be mailed to cancerclinicaltrials@oncologyjournals.org or can be submitted through Editorial manager.

Anticipating your quick response!

With warm regards,
Keith C. Howell
Executive Editorial Assistant
Journal of Cancer Clinical Trials
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