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Until November 13, 2017, you have a chance to win Modified Apple RuneScape on the new Apple Jubilee promotion. And using any spare Protean Cogs in the Jubilee Hoppers can grant you a boosted +50% XP. Let’s learn more and buy RS mobile gold here.
Deadline for the Apple Jubilee promotion

The new Apple Jubilee Treasure Hunter will come to an end at 23:59 game time on the 13th November, 2017. That means from now on you only have less than 5 days left, and you’d better hurry up if you have interest.
The prizes for Apple Jubilee including Modified Apple RuneScape

There are two kinds of prizes you can get from Apple Jubilee, which are Modified Apple and Protean Cog.
You can drop your Modified Apples into the Jubilee Hopper for Invention, Farming XP or both, and the hoppers can be found near each of the lodestones, spreading across the world. Meanwhile, you can also use the apple to teleport to Wizard Deedit, who can be found near Jubilee Hoppers and offers more information about how the hoppers work.
The Protean Cog can also be used on Jubilee Hoppers for 50% more experience than normally.
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